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SwordKirby and Jokestr2003's Kirby site!

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I added a Bijuu guide in the Naruto section.

I posted my (and SK's) Anime merchandise. I did it a little bit differently than GS, but its the same so =PPP I'll probably post some more soon or something. :D Peace doggzz
I updated the Naruto Characters Page. Not much to say really.
I made a page dedicated to merchandise, so that you can see what kind of anime products are out there you can buy. It is all merchandise I own. I still have more to post on it, though. The other staff members can post theirs too if they want. I dunno about you, but I thought it was a good idea. Also, I know I still haven't updated the older sections like InuYasha...I plan on doing it someday...lol, maybe not now, but someday. I have a lot of things I plan to put up on it, so even when I do start it will take a while. That's all for today.
I added a new affiliate. Its the first ever english Eiken fansite; the Eiken Club, created by Mistystuffer.
I know, I haven't updated in forever, and this is still a lame update! But summer's around the corner which means I'll do something useful then. I'll be working on teh InuYasha section as soon as I can, I'll probably organize it similiar to the Naruto page SK did. I'll also work on other section of course. I have many other plans too. When summer comes I'll have much free time on my hands and hopefully if other people don't hog my computer then I'll be doing plenty of work.
I added some wallpapers that I made to the "Other Stuff" section.
Yesterday, I saw the awsome anime Read or Die, so I decided to make a section about it!