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"Yaoi Sucks!" Rantage by Jokestr2003

That's right. No being nice this time around.

Yes... sucks don't it? More rantage by the J-man. Let's get crackin here...

Hmm what first? Oh yes. The fans. Why do you like it? What gives? It can't possibly that the female mind is becoming more sick than the male, can it? Is it that you're sick enough to get off by men on men, men on dogs and other household items? Oh and did I forget little animals? Or is it that you people are just too stupid to realize that 99.99% of the time, the characters you fantasize about are straight, therefore your fictions about them should be as close to straight as you can get.

Now, you may be wondering "leik omg ya but dnot u lik yuri"... uhh... not particularly... because once again, if these aren't original characters... the likeliness of them being lesbians isn't all that high.

Oh yes. What about this, a lot of you more intelligent fangirls say many things along the lines of "You don't bash our stuff, we won't bash yours". In most cases, you're very wrong, to my knowledge anyway.

So I'm in a chatroom, aye? I get this from someone: "*downloads yaoi ^^*" And so I said "uhh I'm a dude... I dont really like yaoi." So then they started bashing my every oh-so-innocent opinion about yaoi like I'm some fuggin alien or something not liking it. RECOGNIZE, girls, if you haven't already, we're men. Oh yeah, you're thinking now "oh so u a homphobe u hat gay"... well yeah I do, but if even if I weren't I still wouldn't like yaoi. The only men that would even consider looking at yaoi are the gay ones themselves.

Yaoi, is a discrimination to anime itself! It's not a tribute, its a degrade.
Now also... I've seen the private groups of Yaoi fans here and there. I hope I'm sufficiently and not overly exposing them by saying that they talk plenty of trash behind our backs. Things like "ANTI-YAOI PEOPLE SHOULD DIE!!!" "WE MUST KILL THEM ALL" and things similar. Believe me not? Check it out, this too. I suppose I'm an idiotic dumbass and an asshole, simply by not liking something that you do? Ah, yes, here is an interesting one I am particular offended by. I personally don't find it.. fair, persay, when I get the crap bashed out of me for disliking the art. Shit, I didn't do anything to them, am a kid supposed to do? I am anti-yaoi, it is true. But I'm nice enough to not go around bashing the hell out of yaoi from people I don't even know. I'm all fine and dandy with that UNTIL I post a little self-comment about yaoi on a deviantART page or something, in my journal or something, and I get all this crap from fangirls critisizing my opinions and beliefs. Some of you have some explaining to do.

"omg!! u dun leik yaoi!? but u gota thnk teh boyz r hawt!!!!" ...No I don't. You fangirls get mad at us for liking NON-nude, NON-hardcore, NON-sexually oriented pictures of pretty anime girls, so we have every right in the world to critisize your shit about NUDE, GAY, HARDCORE, RAPE. Sounds a little bit like we're on the lower end of the deal, doesn't it?

I've seen this yaoi around the net more and more these days, and quite frankly, I'm sick of it. In MANY places you act like yaoi is completely acceptable, but nudity and straight hentai is not. In fact SwordKirby showed me this in some fanlisting. "Please! No links to nudity or hentai websites. But yaoi is fine! ^^" What the crap people?! We can't even show the slightest bit of womanly cleavage, but you are accepting links to YAOI?! Come on ladies, have some consideration for us men now. We've done our fair share of respect to you. Put a warning sign before a yaoi page or something. Don't tell the goddamn world your sick yaoi fantasies. We don't care. Hell, we'd prefer to think it never existed. You try to seduce us into liking this strangeness without first putting in the thought that we are dudes. Warn us first!! I'm sick of seeing it everywhere I go! If you like yaoi I can still be your friend, but goddamn, keep it in the closet.

This has been another sad, sad day for the ever-struggling Jokestr2003. And another sad, sad production of his that is going to be flamed hugely. Oh well! I'll just LOVE replying to your hate mail with "FU's" and "ScrewU's" followed by an excellent explanation that you couldn't possibly disagree with. Carry on with your sickness, but this time around, don't poison the minds of innocent kids like us.

So whatcha waitin for? Send me your feedback, comments, questions, and most appreciated HATEMAIL and FLAMINGS from all you fangirls out there! ..Can't wait.

Once again, e-mail your questions, comments, feedback, and especially flames from you fangirls, to